NC Datajam kicked off NC DataPalooza

NCDatajam, a gathering of 75+ technologists, entrepreneurs and business leaders, attacked the question of what can be done with the Open Data available from the City of Raleigh.  Raleigh is one of the handful of American cities that gives citizens access to the data it collects. The event on April 22-23 held at HubRaleigh began […]

A Taste of CityCamp 2

Bonner Gaylord of the Raleigh City Council, an advocate for open government, began by mentioning to Carlson’s law—innovation that happens from the bottom-up is chaotic and smart while innovation that happens from the top-down tends to be orderly but dumb. Incremental adjustments and the fail-forward orientation (bottom-up) is more effective that pre-planned and requisitioned (top-down) […]