Happy New Year from Convey Media Group 2014

2013 has been a year of incredible changes in the world around us. As if the landscape couldn’t have changed as much as the previous year, the acceleration amplified. I feel that we are living at such a quick pace that days and months blend into one another and keeping track of what is important […]

A Taste of CityCamp 2

Bonner Gaylord of the Raleigh City Council, an advocate for open government, began by mentioning to Carlson’s law—innovation that happens from the bottom-up is chaotic and smart while innovation that happens from the top-down tends to be orderly but dumb. Incremental adjustments and the fail-forward orientation (bottom-up) is more effective that pre-planned and requisitioned (top-down) […]

A Taste of CityCampNC 1

CityCamp NC is one of the important innovation events housed in the Triangle. It encourages citizen participation and transparency in government. Citizens, businesses and government met to improve quality of life through technology.occurred May 30-31 at the amazing James Hunt Library on NC State’s Centennial Campus. This third annual event expanded from the Triangle to […]