The 7 Yeses: Authentic Value

The first in the series Seven Yeses of Authenticity Marketing

Authentic Value
Authenticity Marketing can help you to draw and retain clients and create alignment between yourself and your business. This is written for the business owner or manager to help you think about your business and how you are representing it to others. If you are working for someone else, the authenticity approach described here may help you to feel more at ease in your job and become a better employee.

Yes, you need to provide authentic value to your clients. This tenet seems obvious at first, but many companies never think about what this value is and how to convey it authentically; doing so effectively can draw business.

Many people have done comparison shopping for a large item by visiting a number of retailers. One of the most significant factors in where we buy has to do with our comfort with the salesperson. Have you ever found your item for less but because of the style or demeanor of the salesperson gone to another outlet where it was a little more expensive and purchased it there? How many of us have a preference to shop in one store or another because a genuine connection was built on a previous visit? This comfort comes from a feeling of being listened to and the formation of an authentic connection to the establishment. Think about why you go to your favorite restaurant. The reason is based on more than just the food, isn’t it?

To provide an enticing experience for your clients, the first task is to step into your client’s shoes. Try reversing your position and thinking like your client. Your client is looking for someone to fill a specific need he or she has. When your authentic value matches that need, the client will seek you out to scratch that itch.

A consistent message does not mean that your company cannot change its communications in new campaigns. Instead of limiting, the message helps direct your campaign so that it fits into the image you previously associated with your company’s brand.

As a provider of products or services, the question you need to answer is what itch do you scratch. The answer to this question results from going through a process of finding and identifying exactly what that itch is. We have a number of exercises to help clients in this discovery. One method we use is asking you to role-play a client as we take on your role. You may want to start on this with a business partner or a friend. The process of identifying your value often takes more than one method to find clarity.

After you determine this critical information, your next step is to discover what you uniquely offer and how you can provide it in a manner that is aligned with your personal way of doing business. This is the foundation of authenticity marketing. In the successive articles we will reveal the other six yeses to get to authentic marketing.

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