Reinvent Yourself as A Consultant

“I attended Drew Becker’s workshop Reinventing Yourself as a Consultant. I always thought about becoming an independent consultant, but his workshop helped show me that it is more than possible and ultimately motivated me to start my own company. I feel that his presentation was clear, concise and succinct. I could tell his message was honest with minimal hype. I’m thankful that I attended Drew’s workshop to help me make this decision.” ~ B. Goewey  

Frustrated by the job search or unwilling to be tied to a cubicle again?
Tired of working for someone else?
Ready to strike out on your own?

If the answer to one or more of these questions is yes or you would like to examine what it would take to be a consultant, this session is for you.

When I was let go in late 2001, I did the job search dance, was offered a few opportunities at one-third of my previous salary and did not know what to do. I spent a sum of money with a company that I thought would help me find a job, but they didn’t. Then, fortunately, I read a remarkable book about being a free agent and began talking with consultants I knew. I realized my path was outside of the corporation and into my own business. Although I wasn’t sure how to do this, I knew it had to be my next step.

Learn about:

  • How to uncover opportunities,
  • Challenges most consultants encounter and
  • Recipes for success.

This is not a lecture; you will work through exercises to help you to understand whether consulting is the right direction for you and begin to investigate what type of consultant you could be. Your questions about consulting will be answered as well.
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