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Imagine yourself  free, led by your own individuality…
Discover the hidden power within that makes you Distinct, Notable and Authentic.

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Purpose Powered Professional TM Workshops

What is Distinct, Notable and Authentic about You?

Participate in the next Live Seminar, a dynamic two-day experience.

surfdnaImagine yourself to be free led by your own individuality. Learn to identify your own true North so precisely you can use it to guide any decision you make regarding your presence in the world.

In this seminar you utilize the tools developed for the 12-session, one-on-one process in a group setting. Here you co-create a visible framework of who you are with your facilitator and other participants. This picture is used to develop a statement of who you are and who you are meant to become and to build a vision of your legacy.

Drew Becker is a Certified Your Essential DNA/Purpose-Powered Program Architect and Master Trainer who can bring out the best in you using the Your Essential DNA system.

Next Seminar:

Date: To Be Announced (potentially August 8-9, 2015)
Time: To Be Announced
Place: TBD
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Building Your Profile Teleseminar
Coming Soon

Four weekly sessions

This experiential workshop leads you on a journey into discovery of what makes you distinct, notable and authentic. Based on the powerful Your Essential DNATM process, this course includes exercises designed to help you map a snapshot of yourself and articulate your purpose. This purpose is the foundation of your personal and professional brand.

Investment is $199.00. Offered via telephone so you can participate from your own home!

Registration details will be announced later.


Many of our graduates have returned to their enterprises with new found energy and purpose. Others have discovered new directions and have made a change in their lives opening exciting doors. In either case, we continue to receive remarkable comments about how alignment with purpose and passions attracts new opportunities and creates a deeper sense of self in their endeavors.

The workshop facilitated by Drew Becker provided me with a comfortable and uplifting setting in which to uncover my true essence. Most importantly, I gained a higher sense of my authentic self through guided introspective exercises. Drew was sensitive throughout the entire process and truly has a passion for allowing others to embrace their own passions. Following the workshop, I have had more confidence in my ideas and a growing awareness of my life’s possibilities.

Carolee C.

I am still in awe of my transformation after attending the workshop. Not only have I discovered the true essence of my being, I have taken on the identity of the meaning, that which was fully meant for me. I have traveled the world visiting many sacred and spiritual places and attended many workshops seeking inner knowledge, wisdom, understanding and the purpose of true self.
I can honestly say this workshop is one of the most POWERFUL workshops I have ever taken.

Sandra P.

The workshop was a truly transformative experience for me. I confess that I had to struggle
to identify my passions and core values. But now that I have them, I see them as the integrating framework for my whole life. Many formerly confusing life experiences now make perfect, Divine sense to me! What a gift! I recommend this workshop to any of my fellow travelers on the bumpy road to self-discovery.

Bonnie L.

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